encentive for
Grid Operators

We are your flex and energy service partner

The energy transition imposes a huge challenge for our grids. More and more renewable energy capacities get installed, while we face a huge electrification in the heating and mobility sector.

While pure capacity expansion is not feasible, we need a solution to flexibilize loads in order to relieve the grids and use existing infrastructure more efficiently.

Our technology and platform enable grid operators to better steer consumption in their grids, while the energy consumers do not face any loss in comfort.

Suitable services:


Relieve local grid bottlenecks efficiently and in real-time

Increase grid ROI by using existing capacity more efficiently without additional CAPEX (heating grids)

Increase customer acceptance through our attractive incentive scheme and participation

Our expertise is your advantage

Through our in-house developments, we can always adapt services and products according to your needs and requirements. Customer-specific adaptations in interface development, data management, consumption prediction and front-end can be handled seamlessly with encentive.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements!

Rollout step by step:

1. Technical Analysis

Feasibility analysis, planning of the implementation/ pilot and our partnership.

2. Technical Integration + Pilot

Implementation of the interface, physical test run with pilots, contracting of the partnership.

3. Go-Live + Rollout

Start of Flex marketing, roll-out to other buildings and facilities.


White-label integration

Address assets behind the meter without compromising the user experience

Modular approach

Modules for connection, aggregation, data analytics and integration

Easy integration

Seamless integration with existing systems and processes

Use Cases

Supermarket Cooling & HVAC
Retail and Warehouse HVAC
CO2 Optimization

Cooling and heating take up the majority stake of a supermarket’s energy spending.

Together with our leading technology partners, we develop a service for real-time offering of supermarket flexibility in the intraday electricity markets.

For this purpose, we provide the interface, the prediction and pooling mechanisms as well as the interface to our trading partner.

The supermarket operators benefit from an attractive compensation and significant CO2 reductions.

Many companies operate a wide variety of HVAC systems to keep their retail and warehouse areas temperature controlled.

What many do not know:

There is considerable flexibility potential remaining untapped, as you can use these areas as thermal storage options.

This is exactly where we provide our platform and services to install smart, efficient and sustainable solutions, together with our leading technology partners.

All without additional efforts, costs or loss in comfort.

B2C Heat Pumps

In the coming years, heat pumps for residential customers will become increasingly important because they are environmentally friendly and efficient.With encentive we increase the ecologic and economic efficiency of these assets via a simple software update and transform them to a large virtual battery for green energy!

Together with our partners, we develop a uniform interface and provide prediction and pooling functionalities that enables heat pumps to offer flexibility fully automated in various markets. Maximum added value for heat pump owners without any loss in comfort, costs or efforts.

Do strict CO2 goals cause you problems?

Meeting CO2 targets is one of the most important cornerstones of the economy of the future. CO2 conscious companies have a better public image, can more easily access funding and investment instruments and support a future worth living for all.

However, the conversion to CO2 neutrality is so far still expensive and inefficient, as this involves the replacement or renewal of old assets or even whole plants. With encentive, we deliver a simple solution to meet CO2 targets and guidelines quickly without CAPEX!

Have the entire company supplied with green power?

One solution would be to cover all electricity purchases exclusively with CO2 free power in order to meet requirements and targets.

However, this does not target specific plants and therefore creates high costs by covering more CO2 free energy than needed to meet your targets.

Is there no other solution to supply targeted energy-intensive plants exclusively by CO2 free power in order to achieve the set targets economically?

Supplying plants with electricity in a targeted CO2-neutral manner

In cooperation with our automation specialists, we specifically equip energy-intensive consumers with the necessary technology to always procure the cost- and CO2-optimized energy mix for your plant.

For this purpose, our partner installs required IoT infrastructure to be able to record your plant live.

We take care of the energy-side marketing: By upgrading a meter for your plant, it is now able to get its own electricity tariff and generate profit through flexibility provision!


Contact us to create your own flex products and services based on the encentive platform

Whether you are a technology partner, utility, a commercial or industrial company - our simulation experts can reliably determine the monetary and ecological profits for you or your customers in advance with real models and market data. Completely free of charge, so that there is no upfront risk for you!