encentive platform

We enable all participants to make the most out of their energy consumption. Our system will detect available flexibility per device and offer aggregated flexibility via our platform to energy suppliers.

Manufacturer Independent
universal architecture

With our modular architecture there is no need for additional investments into hardware or infrastructure. Most of current appliances are capable of being connected to encentive Zeus already today! We work closely with the biggest appliance manufacturers to offer lowest entry barriers and access to the flexibility market for everyone!

AI enabled
prediction algorithms

Our virtual load plant consists in an aggregated pool of reliable assets offering flexibility on demand for energy providers used to optimise own power purchasing portfolios. Our prediction algorithms enable future targeted energy portfolio management with low risk!

Secure by design

Our highly secure architecture strictly prevents unauthorised access to assets connected to our pool. Our platform is not able to switch off connected assets or tamper with them in an undesirable way. User experience and primary functionalities always have the highest priority.

The demand booking service

The demand booking service is our tool to enable energy providers shifting electrical load on demand. All controlled via a simple and easy to integrate interface that grants access to our flexibility pool.

Easy integration
into existing systems

The modular architecture allows to easily integrate our dynamic load management into existing energy management systems without altering given functionalities.

LET'S validate your opportunities!

Our flexibility sandbox simulator enables you to validate your product opportunities today with zero risk.

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