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The encentive booking service

Connect your energy services easy and fast via our API. Explore the opportunity of reliable and secure-by-design demand booking features for efficient portfolio optimisation in real-time.

What are the encentive API & platform?

The encentive API is a comfortable and easy integrable way to connect assets from any third-party cloud to the encentive flexibility platform. On this way, you can book flexible demand over time across all manufacturers and control box operators from day one.

Focus on your core business, while encentive keeps the connection to the vast variety of flexible assets. We take care to keep you on track with changing developments in the asset flexibility sector and the deployment of flexible assets across different manufacturers. Our platform fully manages flexibility booking management and compensation of flexibility providers.

The classic energy usage is beyond recognition.

Energy markets become increasingly complex and power prices can shift by more than 100% within minutes. Today and in the future, the question to ask when pricing electricity consumption won't be how much, but when.

Access to the encentive platform allows to book flexibility and profit from it. Flexibility booking is safe and doesn't effect the user experience, using secure and user-pre-defined temperature or time ranges.

Profit through fluctuation.

We utilise price fluctuations in the energy markets to lower your average electricity purchase price by up to 40% in comparison to the long-term contracts. We enable this by delivering secure and reliable flexibility that harmonises demand to the supply of green electricity.

By offering flexibility, end-consumers can lower their total energy cost already today by up to 20%. Through CO2 taxation, the smart meter roll-out and the increasing importance of flexibility for reliable power supply, the profits through offering flexibility are expected to further increase.

Estimate the opportunity for your energy services today.

No one should execute a strategy without prior validation of assumptions. We neither. Therefore we developed the encentive Demand Merit Order (DMO) Service sandbox.

Our simulator-service enables you, to check the opportunity of using encentive with your trading and accounting grid portfolio. Validate business models and profit in current and future markets! On this way, you can plan and develop your products future proof - without any risk.

LET'S validate your opportunities!

Our flexibility sandbox simulator enables you to validate your opportunities today with zero risk.

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