Heat Pump District Heating

Heat Pumps are in the centre of fossil free provision of commercial and residential heating solutions.
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Unleash the full potential of heat pumps

Heat pumps offer very strong thermal storage properties. This makes it possible to turn any building in which a heat pump provides heat and hot water into a thermal energy storage. Heat pumps run automated and can offer flexible electricity consumption capacities around the clock.

While we at encentive focus predominately on larger heat pump systems from the commercial sector (e.g. heat pumps for office buildings or for local heating and district heating solutions) given the higher local output. However, we see a huge potential in the area of household heat pumps in the medium to long term. If these are intelligently aggregated and dynamically controlled via the encentive platform, a network of the many smaller consumption units can have a strong effect in balancing group management for our customers from the energy industry.

Fully automated and invisible

A general principle for us: The final user of a heat pump will practically not notice the difference in the operating behaviour of the heat pump. Already a temperature band of 0,5 degrees around the pre-defined temperature is sufficient to supply our pool with efficient flexibility. With our incenitvization scheme we enable everyone to profit from the green energy revolution and to make a valuable contribution to a more efficient use of renewable energy.

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