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Large Scale Heat Pumps

Heat Pump systems are in the centre of fossil free heating in commercial and residential areas.
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The story of Bernd Jürgens: Investment and operating costs as a basis for decision-making

Bernd Jürgens, project manager within the real estate industry, is planning the new construction/renovation of a larger commercial property. Due to various interests of his employer, the municipal administration, as well as the subsequent tenants, he is faced with the challenge of guaranteeing the greatest possible energy efficiency while keeping investment costs low.

The type of HVAC (heating, ventilation, cooling) systems thus become a core element of the property's central energy concept, in which cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency must be reconciled.

Weighing the given options

To make the right decision, Bernd Jürgens enlists the support of his consultant for HVAC systems and building technology, Peter Westphal.

Together, they evaluate the given options and narrowed the choice down to the installation of a gas-fired system and a heat pump system.

While the gas heating system has comparatively low initial costs, environmental friendliness and sustainability fall by the wayside.

The heat pump system, on the other hand, attracts with long-term high environmental friendliness and energy-efficient technology, but also comes to comparatively high acquisition costs.

Bernd Jürgens as example for the whole industry

And Bernd Jürgensis not alone in facing this challenge:

According to a dena study (2020), energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a central issue in both new construction and renovations.

According to the study, more than 70% of respondents agree that energy-efficient technology enables low ancillary rental costs in the long term, increases the value of a property and represents better marketing opportunities.

However, 50% of respondents see the high investment costs as a major obstacle. Often there is a long payback period outside the holding period, as well as an investor - user dilemma.

So there is little incentive to invest in energy-efficient technology.

Back to Bernd Jürgens:
Few incentives for energy-efficient technology (?)

Bernd Jürgens decides to obtain offers for both options, but already tends to the idea of reverting to the simple and inexpensive gas heating system.

This changes abruptly, however, when he hears about a heat pump manufacturer that enables its customers to generate additional income using encentive technology.

encentive bridges profitability and energy efficiency

For Bernd Jürgens, this means:

A future-proof technology at a favourable price. Because with encentive technology, the asset operator is reimbursed up to 20% of the purchase price over the lifetime of the systems. And all this without any additional expense or loss of comfort for the tenants.

encentive reduces long amortisation periods and solves the investor-user dilemma.

And the environment wins twice in the process. Bernd Jürgens can do without fossil gas heating, and load shifting with encentive means that renewable energy is primarily used to operate the heat pump.

He therefore naturally opts for a heat pump with encentive technology!

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