Flexible Supermarkets

Cooling is the most crucial and expensive part of a supermarket’s energy spending.
With the encentive platform and the demand response service we help to turn costs into revenue with no need of additional hardware!

The hidden champions of the energy transformation

German supermarkets usually have a very large assortment of food and other goods from all corners of the world. However, in order to score with high quality food and to offer the customer a pleasant shopping experience, supermarkets suffer from a very high energy consumption. Here, 50-60% of the energy costs alone are only accounted for by the cooling of the food in the stores, i.e. the freezers and refrigerators on the sales floor, as well as the cold rooms for storing the food in the background. Since these cooling systems are very sluggish and cooling generally represents a good way of thermal energy storage, we see a huge untapped potential for flexible load shifting.

We rely on our software-based connection of the control units of the cooling systems to our platform and can thus control them dynamically and individually for shifting their electric consumption. These systems are particularly suitable because they run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are largely automated. Since food quality is often the top priority for supermarket operators, reliable control within a previously defined temperature band is particularly important to us. The software can never exceed or fall below the specified limits and the reliability of the cold chain is always our top priority.

Lower your energy costs without any struggle

For supermarket operators, the flexible control of cooling systems through the encentive platform promises a profitable business case. The high degree of automation and software integration means that there is practically no additional effort needed and the required equipment (standard freezers and refrigerators and their control systems) is already available in all supermarkets. The supermarket business is characterised by very thin margins. The encentive platform enables the supermarkets to generate attractive additional revenues with existing equipment via our incentive program.

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