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The Renewable Energy Challenge

In contrast to fossil power plants, renewable energy suppliers can rather estimate than precisely control the amount of energy produced. This leads to the problem of an unstable energy grid given an over- or undersupply of electricity when there is for example more or less wind than anticipated.

Today, the only proper solution to this problem is the ad-hoc shutdown of renewable power plants and thus curtailing the true potential of green energy supply. Managing these inefficiencies is a crucial pain point for energy providers and grid operators and comes at extremely high costs. Finally, these costs have to be paid by everyone.

The Problem

Renewable Energy Challenge
Wind Powerplant
Wind Powerplant

Renewable suppliers produce more energy than anticipated. The supply is higher than the demand.
Grid Provider without encentive
Grid Provider

Grid authorities shut down wind power plants to keep the grid stable.

Renewable energy is wasted, because demand runs independently from supply.
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solution stock

Instead of Turning Renewable Power Plants Off, We Turn Appliances On!

We at encentive address this problem with the creation of the first virtual load plant. Our innovative solution provides an attractive instrument for grid operators and energy traders to match surplus renewable energy with power consuming appliances in real-time.

By utilizing our technology, grid operators can significantly reduce costs related to grid inefficiencies and energy traders can optimize their portfolios. With encentive we support the further development of green and cheap renewable energy to lift the energy transformation to the next level.

The Solution

Wind Powerplant
Wind Powerplant

Renewable suppliers produce more energy than anticipated. The supply is higher than the demand.
Grid Provider with encentive
Grid Provider

Instead of shutting down wind power plants, grid authorities use the encentive service and adjust demand to supply.
Appliance with encentive

Appliances adapt to the green energy supply to utilize cheap and green surplus energy.

What Do We Offer?

We pool and manage energy consumers on our encentive platform and offer their shiftable demand to grid operators and energy traders through our virtual load plant. Our platform acts as an instrument to buy our product, the shiftable demand.

This way grid providers and energy traders can cut their costs through optimizing their grid stability and energy portfolios. On this way not only the corporates can benefit, but also the end consumer who pays less for his electricity through the more efficient use of renewables.

Device-Control in Real-Time
Real-Time Device-Control
Democratizing the flexibility market
Flexibility Market Democratization
No user interaction
No User Interaction

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About Us

Learn more about the founders of encentive
Daniel Ehnes
Daniel Ehnes
Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel is an engineer for energy systems and has a deep knowledge about all the technologies necessary to make our vision of a sustainable and stable energy supply a reality. Throughout his academic and professional career he always has put a strong focus on transforming academic research in actual economic outcomes. With his basic research on demand response management, as well as with his entrepreneurial mindset he formed the base for the foundation of encentive.

Daniel is strongly convinced that a sustainable energy transition can only be successful if everyone participates. As CEO of encentive he is now working on making our vision a reality and focuses next to his role as CEO also on the product development and onboarding of new partners.

Sascha Greve
Sascha Greve
Co-Founder & CTO

Sascha holds a Master degree in computer science and loves architectures and the conceptualization and implementation of safe protocols. Several years of academic experience within software development focussing on IT-security and cryptography, as well as his professional experience in a Berlin-based startup within IoT and trusted computing lay an ideal foundation to master the technical challenges of encentive towards the aggregation algorithms of our virtual load plant.

Digital and secure technologies are the key to a sustainable energy transition. As CTO of encentive, Sascha is responsible for the optimal implementation of our platform and ensures the reliability and security of our services.

Torge Lahrsen
Torge Lahrsen
Co-Founder & CFO

Torge holds a Master degree in applied economics and finance from the Copenhagen Business School and focuses on all the topics around financials, business development and the conceptualization of our business model. Next to his operational roles in controlling for Robert Bosch, he also gained valuable experiences within the startup and VC ecosystem while working for a Danish biotech startup, as well as the VC entities of Robert Bosch (RBVC), A.P. Moeller Maersk (Maersk Growth) and Speedinvest.

Solutions in the field of renewable energy do not only include the sustainable production of energy, but also require attractive and profitable business models. The right financial incentives for all stakeholders are necessary to ensure a successful energy transformation. As CFO of encentive, Torge ensures the right balance between vision and profitability, as well as the further development of our business model.

Sebastian Gajek
Sebastian Gajek
Co-Founder & CSO

Sebastian is professor for Computer Science and IT Security at the Applied University of Flensburg and entrepreneur. He loves innovation and transferred several research projects in the fields of IoT, cloud computing and cyber security into actual products. Sebastian holds more than 15 patents and published more than 30 articles on well-known conferences in the above mentioned areas. In 2016 he co-founded weeve.network, that he successfully exited in 2019.

Over the past decade, innovative business models have fundamentally changed conventional industries. The energy industry withhold such a dramatic transformation for a long time. With the implementation of new technologies, however, the time has come to boost efficiency and put the energy transformation forward. With his entrepreneurial experience and vast network, Sebastian helps to build up our business in a fast and efficient manner. In his role as CSO, he contributes his deep knowledge in IoT and and IT-security and works together with our CTO Sascha on the reliability and security of the encentive platform.

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